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The Entomological Society of America recently assumed publication of Journal of Insect Science. In partnership with Oxford University Press, we are working to reduce the backlog of manuscripts awaiting publication. We will make every effort to get things back on track as soon as possible and ask for your patience and understanding during this transition period.

David Gammel
ESA Executive Director

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To submit a manuscript, please send an email to with your manuscript attached. The subject of the email should be the title of the paper. Please review the instructions for authors prior to submitting.

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The Journal of Insect Science is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing papers in all aspects of the biology of insects and other arthropods from the molecular to the ecological, and their agricultural and medical impact. The journal is now published by the Entomological Society of America as of April 18, 2014. It will continue to be freely available to individuals and institutions.

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